The goal of Gruppo di Motori Italiani is simple; To bring together Italian automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts from the Chicagoland area.

Whether a vintage FIAT 500, a Ferrari 599, or anything beyond and in between is our member base.  The group consists of beautiful low mileage show cars, track cars, project cars and daily drivers.

The members of GdMI pride themselves on a friendly open atmosphere. Ideas are not to be criticized, but listened to and courteously and thoughtfully responded to. The members of GdMI are encouraged to handle themselves with the utmost respect for others and their ideas, to educate others in a friendly manner if their experience can shed light on a topic.

If you enjoy discussing the history of Italian motor vehicles and their culture, embark on short and or long road trips, performance events or just plain hanging out at car shows and eateries we aim to be just that.

We look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon.